Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and welcome to our online pharmacy! We're here to provide you with personalized patient care. Below are some common questions and answers to help you get started.


1 . Do I need to register before ordering?

-No, you don't need to register! Our pharmacist can handle the registration process for you.

2 . How does the ordering work?

-Ordering is simple! Just fill out your name, phone number, email address, and upload your prescription if applicable. Then, wait for our pharmacist to call you to confirm and process your order.

3 . What if I don't have a prescription?

-No problem! Just select "ORDER REQUEST (No Prescription)" and wait for our pharmacist to call and assist you.

4 . Can I still browse through your shop?

-Absolutely! You can browse through our shop on If you want a more convenient way, try and have one of our pharmacists assist you.

5 . What if I can’t find the medication in your online store?

-No worries! Our pharmacist can do the shopping for you.

6 . Do you do bulk orders?

-Yes, we do! Lead time for quotations is 2 to 4 days, and delivery upon payment and confirmation is 3 to 7 days depending on availability of the items.

7 . What is a “Subscription Service”?

-It’s our automated order and delivery service. Ask our pharmacist for more details.


8 . What modes of payment are available?

-We offer several modes of payment, including cash on delivery, online payment via debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, JCB Co.), e-wallets (Gcash, Maya, GrabPay, ShopeePay), direct debit (Unionbank, BPI, RCBC), and retail outlets (7/11)

9 . How do I pay online?

-Our pharmacist will email you an invoice to pay and complete your purchase

10 . Do I still need to send proof of payment?

-No need! Our system will automatically mark your order as paid once payment has been credited to our account.


11 . What is the lead time for delivery?

-For orders placed before 2 pm with on-hand stocks, delivery will be the same day for Metro Manila (MM) and 3 to 7 days for outside MM.

12 . How much is the shipping fee?

-For MM, shipping is free for orders above P800 and P39 for orders below P800. For outside MM, shipping is free for orders above P1,999 and P134 – P148 for orders below P1,999.

13 . Can I request for a specific time of delivery?

-Yes, you can request for a specific time of delivery, but it's subject to consideration for our operations.

14 . Can I book my own delivery through third-party couriers?

-Yes, you can. However, the booking fee will be shouldered by the customer.

15 . Do you deliver nationwide?

-Yes, we do! We deliver anywhere in the Philippines.


16 . Do you offer discounts?

-Yes, we do! Just ask our pharmacist for our ongoing discounts.

17 . Do you provide Senior Citizen and PWD discounts?

-Yes, we do! Just send us a photo of your ID and updated prescription, and you can get the mandated 20% discount.

18 . Can I combine other Mediclick discounts with Senior Citizen or PWD discount?

-Unfortunately, no. We will choose which discount is higher.

19 . Where can I send the photo of my prescription or ID?

-Our pharmacist will instruct you to send your prescription and/or ID through Viber, WhatsApp, or email.


20 . What if I only have a question about my medicines?

-Don't hesitate to ask us! Our pharmacists are always happy to offer free counseling.

21 . Do you have doctors who can prescribe medications?

-Yes, we can refer you to our relevant partner doctors for online consultation.

We hope this information has been helpful!